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President's Welcome

On behalf of ENCO, I welcome you to our website and encourage you to make use of the knowledge and features we have made available here.

ENCO Laboratories is a service organization focused on achieving our mission of providing quality analytical data coupled with a responsiveness and service level that is unsurpassed in the industry. The management and employees of ENCO hold several Core Values, which guide our day to day efforts:

  • Quality is what the customer needs - meeting customer requirements is our primary focus.
  • Responsiveness and Timeliness is what the customer desires - we can never forget that we must back our quality data with consistent service in order to keep our customers satisfied.
  • There is not one task required to fulfill our mission that is beneath any employee of ENCO - all of our organizational resources are ultimately focused toward providing on-time quality data to our customers in an efficient manner.
  • Everything is done by the book - we always strive to do the right thing in the right way, in all facets of our business.
  • Have fun - we believe that every member of our team contributes directly to ENCO's success, and we are committed to providing a rewarding work environment for all of our employees.
Randall C Grubbs

Randall C. Grubbs
President, ENCO Laboratories, Inc.