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About Us

Our History

ENCO was founded in January 1988 as a joint venture between Environmental Enterprises, Inc. of Cincinnati and Chemical Conservation of Orlando. This new hazwaste disposal company required a laboratory to provide analytical services for classification of waste destined for disposal.

In September of 1989, ENCO was acquired by a group of investors from Houston, Texas. The parent company was EnviroTech Systems, Inc., a closely held public company.

In June of 1998, the laboratory operation was purchased from EnviroTech Systems by a group of 5 senior managers of ENCO. Part of our strength today as a company is a reflection of the commitment of the owners of the company, and the fact that each partner remains as an active employee of Environmental Conservation Laboratories, Inc.

By 2002, we had grown to a network of laboratories with locations in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Cary, NC. In 2003, ENCO began working in the FDA regulated market, providing analytical support to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. ENCO Analytix, Inc. was formally established in January, 2005. In December 2006, ENCO acquired the assets of Cary, NC based Chemical and Environmental Technology (CET), Inc. and combined the CET operation into its Cary laboratory.

With four operational centers and 100+ employees, ENCO currently provides analytical services to over 1200 different industrial, consulting and government customers throughout the Southeast.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Environmental Conservation Laboratories to provide analytical laboratory services that meet the quality requirements of consulting, industrial, and government customers, at a level of service that is recognized as the highest in the industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is consistent and profitable growth of each of our locations by focusing on our mission, thereby benefitting our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and the environment.

Our Core Values

  • Quality is what the customer needs - meeting customer requirements is our primary focus.
  • Responsiveness and Timeliness is what the customer desires - we can never forget that we must back our quality data with consistent service in order to keep our customers satisfied.
  • There is not one task required to fulfill our mission that is beneath any employee of ENCO - all of our organizational resources are ultimately focused toward providing on-time quality data to our customers in an efficient manner.
  • Everything is done by the book - we always strive to do the right thing in the right way, in all facets of our business.
  • Have fun - we believe that every member of our team contributes directly to ENCO's success, and we are committed to providing a rewarding work environment for all of our employees.